5 STAR Reviews

"The author provides us a powerful, accurate, and riveting story about the war in Vietnam. The writing is accurate, detailed and pulls no punches regarding  the horrors of war. The dialogues were gritty, realistic, and uniquely allow the reader to experience the enlisted and officer perspective regarding Infantry combat."


"Any non-veteran who reads Unaccounted is going to understand what took place in combat and how infantry dealt with the humor, horror, and bullshit of combat."


"As a combat veteran myself of both Iraq and Afghanistan, I’ve always found the most difficult thing for me to translate about my wars were these same raw emotions of combat, which in turn provide the most realistic and accurate description of what my war was really like for those that didn't experience it with me. As much as I have struggled to do so over the years, Mr. McDonald-Low finds this frequency and translates it perfectly. As such, I’ve never felt more emotionally attached to a war I didn’t even serve in than I did after reading his account of the Que Son Valley in 1968. This book gave me a great understanding not only for Mr. McDonald-Low’s war, but also in understanding my own wars."


"I was highly impressed with his account of the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC) mission and more importantly to the absolutely and utter importance of this mission for all “1165’s” who remain on a foreign battlefield awaiting final extraction back home. Definitely a fantastic and eye-opening read and highly recommended!"